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UI Controls for .NET Windows Forms
Featured as powerful user interface controls for Windows Forms application development
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Features of WinForms UI Controls

The User Interface for Windows Forms is the fastest and most reliable UI tools for your Windows Forms application development. With more than 30 controls, the WinForms UI components allows .NET Forms developers build unique and visually enterprise desktop applications as well as web based applications. This WinForms UI controls suite is featured as powerful characteristics, including the well-designed architecture and Window Forms touch capabilities.

Multi-Touch Support and Metro Style UI Controls

The WinForms User Interface Components suite provides complete multi-touch support and API for .NET Forms developers. With the multi-touch support, you can get a handle on touch interactivity with support for Touch Metrics, Panning Gestures, and Multi-Gestures. A set of controls including Grid, Editor, List View, Tree, Tab, and more are provided. The User Interface Components for Window Forms also provides the Metro user interface controls that you can use to build Metro applications for Windows 7.

Rich Controls of WinForms User Interface Suite

The WinForms User Interface suite for .NET framework provides more than 30 controls for developers to create distinguished, stylish and modern end-user interfaces for rich desktop and touch applications in Window Forms. The .NET Windows Forms UI controls suite offers a complete set of desktop components and tools to help developers easily build enterprise projects with outstanding performance, cool touch experience, and modern user interface.

Time Saving Windows Forms User Interface Controls

With experienced user interface tools development, this .NET Forms UI Suite provides rich desktop components and tools to .NET developers and help you easily create amazing performance, stylish and modern UI for your WinForms applications. It is able to help developers save much time, promote the productivity, deliver applications fast, and increase the ROI. The User Interface suite has been well designed and minimized the amount of repainting, which reduces the need of layout rearrangements. A powerful data engine, including data controls of GridView, TreeView and ListView, guarantees fast data loading and updates.

Intuitive Features and Functionality

The Windows Forms UI controls help .NET developers easily Create distinguished, stylish and modern end-user interfaces and build incredible visual UI effects like transparency, rotation, animation, and transition. It allows the developers to transform data into interactive and modern layouts that let end users to analyze a broad range of business application scenarios.

Full Theme Support and Unique Architecture

The Window Forms User Interface controls in the package provides full them support, which allows users use any of the included themes like Metro, Windows 7, Office 2007 and 2010. It is also possible to build new themes with the Visual Style Builder tool. The WinForms UI controls are also developed in a completely customizable architecture, which allows developers build visual effects without having to write any code.

Visual Studio Compatible UI Controls

This User Interface Suite provides UI design templates for Visual Studio, which help .NET developers achieve high productivity when use the UI controls in a Windows Forms projects. These UI extensions automatically create, upgrade and configure the WinForms template projects in seconds and do not need any manual setting of assembly references. The WinForms UI control fully supports Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2012 is included now!