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Kettic Grid UI for ASP.NET AJAX
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General Introduction for ASP.NET Grid Control

KAX.Grid UI control is most commonly used ASP.NET AJAX control. It can display data information in grid pages with high performance. You can statistics the grid data, make the data in multi-layer display. Besides, you can do some basic operate in the grid, such as inserting a record, updating a record and deleting a record.

Grid control is compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 & later versions. And it can be used on web page of any modern browser, such as, Firefox, IE, Google Chrome as well as Safari.

Available Features

In this part, we will show you the main function of ASP.NET AJAX Grid.

Grid Items

Columns and Rows are the most important items in grid control. Each column and row display the grid data to viewers, and sometimes, there may be two rows combined together or two columns together. Each column has a column header, showing this column field name, can be also crossing lines.

Another important item is pager item. In most time, user likes to view grid data in pages. So the pager item can navigate to other page from current page to show more data message.

Support Operate

Grid Appearance

The ASP.NET Grid Control offers rich options for users to alter and modify the appearance settings of the grid view. You can use template to define the grid view layout. And there are rich pre-made skins in the grid, you can choose one to change the grid style. What’s more, if you want to create the grid performance after your own style, you can customize the CSS file.
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