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GridView Pager Item in ASP.NET AJAX
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Pager Modes

There are six pager modes in asp.net ajax grid view, depending on the mode, pager contains different controls to help users navigate the pages. Now, we will introduce you these pager modes:

NextPrev Mode: the pager contains four buttons. First page, previous page, next page and last page pointing arrows. You can click the next page button to view the following page with datas, and click to the last page button to view the end of the the web grid.

set grid view next-preview pager item in asp.net ajax

NumericPages Mode: the pager contains page numbers to navigate to each page. You can click the page index button to the wanted page view in the asp.net data grid.

set grid view numeric pager item in asp.net ajax

NextPrevAndNumeric Mode: the pager contains both arrow buttons and link buttons. It has the functions both NextPrev Mode and NumericPages Mode. You can find some more information at the right bottom of the grid view graphs. It shows the current page index in the total page count, and the id shown on current page to against the total rows items.

set grid view next-preview and numeric pager item in asp.net ajax

Advanced Mode: pager contains textbox. Users can input the wanted page number, and then input another Enter or click to "Go" button, this client side operation will be send back through javascript to the Kettic asp.net gridview control in the server side by ajax, the grid view graphs will redraw dynamically.

set grid view advanced pager item in asp.net ajax

NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced Mode: pager contains all the controls in both "NextPrevAndNumeric" and "Advanced" modes.

set grid view next-preview, numeric and advanced pager item in asp.net ajax

Slider Mode: pager contains a slider control to change pages. Just click the slider by your mouse, and drag the slider to the certain position, then the web grid will show this page data to you.

set grid view slider pager item in asp.net ajax

Pager Position

Grid provide the pager position in "Top", "Bottom" or "TopAndBottom", set the PagerStyle.Position property to the wanted value. Usually the web grid view pager items is located at the bottom, but for special purpose, we also provide the other two mode.
C# example code

kaxGrid1.PagerStyle.Position = Bottom;

Pager Button styles

Pager button styles only for the four navigation buttons : "first page", "previous page", "next page" and "last page". Users can customize the button image and tooltip.

Here we take first page button as an example. Set PagerStyle.FirstPageImageUrl to specify the image URL for first page button. And set PagerStyle.FirstPageToolTip to specify the tooltip that is displayed when mouse hover the first page button. The left three other navigate page button have the similar properties.