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GridView Column Types in ASP.NET AJAX
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To help you get to know Grid control's column better, you can start with this guiding page, which will introduce to the column types could be used in grid.

There are many different column types, which support different editors and different operate options. Users can decide whether display and visible the column or not. And now, we will introduce each type of column for you. And you can go to this online demo for column type to view different column type.


Column in this type, shows text data in the cell, through the DataField of the column and the data source of GridTableView. When you insert or change the value of cell, the text value will automatic complete depend on the AutoCompleteBox.


GridBoundColumn is one of the most common column type. It shows each cell value from the bound data source in DataField. You could change and add text to each cell with no limited.


This type of column displays whole column with buttons. And there are two command in button: Select(Click button to select current row) and Delete(Click button to delete current row). If you need, just add CommandName property to the column button and then the button can play a role. In addition, LinkButton, PushButton and ImageButton are supported.


It shows similar to GridButtonColumn, also displays button in a column. When you click the butoon(always edit button), you can have the ability for in-line editing, at the same time, the edit button is replaced to update and cancel button.


In this type, each cell contains a predefined hyperlink. You can customize the target URL freely. And a text link and an image link are both supported.


In each cell of GridImageColumn, an image is rendered here. You can specify the image whatever you want through changing the image URL.


It's similar to GridImageColumn, shows image in each cell. But there is some different from GridImageColumn, GridBinaryImageColumn can only show images from a binary image stream. If the image size not match the cell size, the image will be resized automatically.


GridCheckBoxColumn displays a check box in one column. You can make the check box check or not on your mind.


Like GridCheckBoxColumn, GridClientSelectColumn also shows a check box for each cell. With the command "Select" and "Deselect", you can select or deselect the client select column.


In this type, if you set Items DragDrop to True, you can Dragging a row in GridDragDropColumn.


If you use this column type, when in edit mode, a drop-down control will appear in each edited cell. ComboBox and DropDownList are both supported.


Date time always shows in GridDateTimeColumn. When in editing a cell, it displays DateInput, DatePicker, TimePicker or DateTimePicker control as you need.


Number or Decimal always uses GridNumericColumn to show. When in editing a cell, it displays NumericTextBox control, and you can edit the number format.


Values conform to the mask always show in GridMaskedColumn. When in editing a cell, it displays MaskedTextBox control.


GridHTMLEditorColumn is a column with each cell contains a HTML editor. You can change the font format of text, change text display mode etc.


In this type of column, each cell's value is calculated by one or more fields. You can add expression to decide how to calculate the showing value.


GridTemplateColumn allows you to display a column with specified template. You can use other controls in the column.


When you want upload attachments to your data source, GridAttachmentColumn will help you do things easier. You can choose Upload or AsyncUpload attach file into the data source.


If you would like to score some value, you may need GridRatingColumn. Rendering a Rating control in each cell, you can score it every easy.


In this type of column, changing row height becomes available. Row height can be taller or shorter by dragging row line.


When grouping is enable, you may want to use GridGroupSplitterColumn. It allows you to expand and collapse group of rows.


If there is a hierarchical structure in grid, you may need GridExpandColumn. It allows you to expand and collapse group of rows, so you can see the more details in the grid.