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Calendar Controls for Windows Forms Applications
Add calendar to Windows Forms applications and print a calendar for a time interval for Windows Forms.
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WinForms Calendar Controls Overview

The Windows Forms Calendar control is used to display a monthly calendar for a time interval for WinForms applications. It is visualized by the linked time cells control. This is an advanced date input control for Windows Forms and contains Date picker and Date input. The powerful WinForms Calendar control provides many cool features, like months preview, multi-month view, date zooming, multi-day selection, globalization support as well as data binding. The time cells control determines the time interval. The skin of the calendar control is changeable, which allows developers use the themes available in the WinForms UI control suite or the themes from other source.

Features of Windows Forms Calendar Control

Extended Features of WinForms Calendar Control

The Calendar Control supports not only all features of the standard Month Calendar control in the Visual Studio toolbox, like first day of week, special days, show today, show week numbers, and hide week numbers, but also additional features that the standard Calendar control do not support, including focused date, show week days, hide week days, date zoom, read only mode as well as show other month days. Furthermore, the Calendar controls provide the support of footer, customizable header and footer, and navigation buttons. Cell formatting including padding, borders, margins, spacing, and alignment is supported by the Calendar Control for WinForms applications.

Calendar Control MultiView Presentation

The Windows Forms Calendar Controls support the Multiple View presentation. .NET Forms developers can easily configure the Forms Calendar Control to display a few months in the calendar area, which allows users choose a range of dates to display. The multiple view presentation is determined by a few simple properties and offers developers powerful extended functionalities in designing the interface of Windows Forms application.

Customizing Matrix of Days using Calendar Control

The Windows Forms Calendar Controls Developers provide the functionality for customizing the appearance of day matrix. We can easily change the number of rows and columns to customize a month view via configure the property, DayOfWeek, and the matrix of days in x rows. Each month view has forty two cells at most.

Scrolling and Navigation Feature Support

The Calendar Controls for Windows Forms application support the scrolling and navigation, by which users could easily switch and jump to other months view. There are three different types of navigation available.

Hover and Zoom Feature with Calendar Control

This feature allows users enable the hover and zoom functionality, which will hover a data and zoom in the data for interactivity when click with mouse. The properties, EnableHover and Zoom, are used to control the functionalty. The EnableHover enables/disables the hover functionality and the Zoom determines the zooming proportion.

Rendering Days in Horizontal & Vertical

The Windows Forms Calendar Controls provide the functionality to render the days horizontally and vertically. The default value is to render the days in horizontal row by row for it is the most common use. To render the days vertically, users need to change the orientation of the calendar to Vertical.

Integrate Date Picker Control to Calendar in WinForms

The Calendar Controls for Windows Forms user interface design provides full integration with Date Picker control, which is a lightweight date input control with advanced features for Windows Forms applications. The Date Picker control can be seamlessly integrated into the Calendar control and is able to create a comprehensive date input interface for Windows Forms applications. With this feature, developers could enter the date in the date picker or select the date from the popup calendar. And synchronization between the Date Picker control and Calendar control will be implemented if any change has been done.

Options for Multi-Selecting with Calendar Control

The Calendar Controls for Windows Forms user interface design offers multiple selection options for the convenience of end users. The options listed as follow:

Dynamic Template Support by Calendar Control

The Calendar Controls for Windows Forms user interface design supports template. There are several dynamic templates available for design rich presentation for the calendar days in Windows Forms applications. The feature even allows developers customizing a single day. This functionality will be powerful when developers need to implement an interface with scheduler appearance, which could add additional information and images about events, links to various resources. The dynamic templates can be used by other Windows Forms UI Component.

Worldwide Applications Support by Calendar Control

The Windows Forms Calendar Controls provides classes for globalization, where contain information like country, region, language, calendars, patterns for formatting dates, currency, numbers, and order for strings. These classes will be really helpful when developing an application that will be used worldwide.

Read Only Mode of Calendar Control for WinForms

The Windows Forms Calendar control provides a read only mode for developers to fix the dates. This feature won’t let users to select or change months and is determined by the property of the Read Only.

Rich Appearance of WinForms Calendar Control

The Windows Forms Calendar controls contain rich themes for .NET WinForms developers to create slick user interfaces that have the same appearance of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. It is easy to switch the themes by changing a single property. The Calendar Controls for WinForms UI Design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. With this feature, developers need not to redo the theme from scratch and could apply the updated color scheme to all WinForms controls. Developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder. The Buttons Controls for WinForms application also provides a few tags to format text style of button labels.

Keyboard Support by the Forms Calendar Control

The Calendar Control for Windows Forms application provides the keyboard support. It is compatible with the standard navigation and users can tab across the form elements till they shift to the calendar element. The users could go over a specific date by using the arrow keys. A day can be selected by hitting the Enter key or Space key. PageUp and PageDown can be used to move up or move down between months. And Home and End keys could navigate to the first and the last day of the month viewed.

Rich Visual Studio .NET Design Time Support

The Windows Forms Calendar controls offer rich design-time support functionality which makes it easy to customizing and configuring the created Calendar. With the Calendar Control for Windows Forms, developers can easily manage shortcuts and images, apply themes in design time and easily switch between them. The Windows Forms Calendar controls are also compatible with Visual Style Builder, Element Hierarchy Editor, and Shape Editor and can fully control the User Interface design in Windows Forms development.