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Culture and Region Information - WinForms Calendar Controls

The Windows Forms Calendar Controls provides classes for globalization, which contains information like country, region, country, language, calendars, patterns for formatting dates, currency, numbers, and order for strings. These classes will be really helpful when developing a worldwide use Calendar in WinForms C# environment.

Globalization Support by Calendar Control

The Windows Forms Calendar controls provide powerful namespaces to support the System.Globalization Namespace. These namespaces will be really helpful when developing an application that may used worldwide. The classes, CultureInfo and RegionInfo, are the two featured classes in the namespace.

CultureInfo of the Calendar Control

The class, CultureInfo, contains information of a particular culture, such as culture name, writing system, and calendar in use, etc. This class also provides the access to particular culture objects which provide some common operations like formatting dates and sorting strings. The names of the culture are compatible with standard of RFC 1766.
To view the complete names and identifiers list, developers could refer to the CultureInfo class and the System.Globalization namespace. The following are several names and identifiers of CultureInfo class.
Culture Name Culture Identifier Language-Country/Region
bg-BG 0x0402 Bulgarian - Bulgaria
en-GB 0x0809 English - United Kingdom
fr-FR 0x040C French - France
es-ES 0x0C0A Spanish - Spain


The class, RegionInfo, provides information of the country or region. The RegionInfo is compatible with ISO 3166 specification, which defines the standard of country and region and cares less of the letter case.
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