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Windows Forms Chart Control
Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar, and Scatter Component for Windows Forms application
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Chart Control for WinForms Overview

The Chart control is a Windows Forms user interface design tool that helps .NET developers easily create Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar and Scatter appearance for their WinForms application. This UI toolkit provides rich attractive user interface appearance. This Chart control support data visualization which allows users easily manage the display of large amount of items. Just a few clicks can turn the data into the chart view at design time. The WinForms Chart control provides series classes to store the input data and the series class offers a collection of data source that will display the data based on the type of the series classes.

Features of Chart Control for Windows Forms Applications

Chart Types of the Chart Control

The Chart control offers a variety of chart types for users to design the UI for their WinForms applications. There are no limits for users to set data visualization within the Chart. The WinForms Chart control can easily turn data into Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar, and Scatter with a few simple clicks at design time and create rich and attractive presentations. All the presentations of the Chart can be placed in both horizontal and vertical. The following are various charts created using the Chart control in Windows Forms.

Data Binding Support

The WinForms Chart control provides the support of data binding for designing the user interface in Windows Forms. The Chart control is compatible with the standard Windows Forms data binding model and allows bind the charts to any custom business object, database or declarative data source. This Chart support a variety of database source business objects, including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Access ODBC as well as XML data.

Custom Color Palettes Included

The WinForms Chart control provides pre-defined color palettes for users to fast and easily customize skins for the chart view. The palette of Chart control offers a few color palette entries and a color palette entry contains up to four colors.

Interactive Themes for Chart

The WinForms Chart control contains a few ready to use themes for the Chart presentation. .NET Forms developers can build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder. The Chart Controls for WinForms provides an intuitive CSS-like syntax option to quickly build new skins using code.

Chart Design Time Support

The Chart control provides the design time support and the following are the tags of the Chart control. The tags contain all the properties of the Chart control and are also available in the properties windows in Visual Studio.