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Chart Control for C# Windows Forms
Design Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar and Scatter for C# Windows Forms application
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Chart Property Builder for WinForms C# Tutorial

The Chart control is a Windows Forms user interface design tool that helps .NET developers easily create Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar and Scatter appearance for their WinForms application. The WinForms Chart control provides series classes to store the input data and the series class offers a collection of data source that will display the data based on the type of the series classes. There are three sections in the Property builder, Chart, Series and Appearance.

How to Create Chart Type using Chart Control

The Chart section is used for creating a variety of chart type. Developers can select the type of axes for the chart and the palette.

How to Add, Remove, and Setup Series

The Series section is used for adding, removing and setting series.
  • To add new series to the Chart, use the split button below the list with currently added series
  • To remove a series, use the remove button below the list with currently added series
  • To copy a series, use the Copy button that will make a copy of the series along with all the data points
  • To set the text displayed in the legend, show the text button and customize the text

How to Connect Data to Chart

Use the Unbound mode to enter the data to CharView manually through the grid view. The Enter and Tab keys can enter data quickly. Developers can enter data in a cell by pressing the key, where the focus will be transferred to the next cell. If the focus is on the last cell, the data will be committed and the focus will go to the first cell in a new row.
Use the Bound mode to connect data source to Chart. Under the Data bound mode, the UI will change accordingly to allow users to choose a data source and set up DataMember. The number and names of the drop downs will change in accordance to the type of the series selected currently.

How to Setup Series

The third section allows users to setup series via different options like grid, axes labels, series labels. It is also possible to set the interactive features of Chart like the trackball, pan and zoom, title and legend.
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