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Editors Control for Windows Forms
Powerful data input control for Windows Forms application, flexible data entry controls, strict validation
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WinForms Editors Control Overview

The Editors Control for Windows Forms application is flexible data entry controls. However, it has strict data validation. The Windows Forms Editor component provides highly customizable, intelligent controls for managing data input, such as Text Box, Masked Text Box that supports Standard, Numeric and DateTime masks, DateTimePicker, and a slick SpinEditor. By adding data input validation and masks, developers can enhance the functionality of their application. The Editor Control can be used for data input in any other Windows Forms controls, including Grid View control, Scheduler control, Combobox control, and Tree View control.

Text Box Control for Editor

The Text Box of Kettic Editor Control for Windows Forms is not only an alternative skin control to the standard Windows Forms text box control, but also provides various enhanced properties to store prompt information if no entry available. The Text Box allows users to add a text box to their Windows Forms applications with the same look and feel of other Windows Forms controls. With the text box, users can input text in a single line or multiple lines.

ComboBox Control for Editor

The ComboBox Control for Windows Forms is a universal combobox that combines an editing field and the ComboBox control. The ComboBox uses the GridView control to initialize the drop down list. By using this control, it will look up and select data from multiple columns lists seamlessly. When users need to input free form data, they just need enable the function of the free form data input of the Text Box and the filtering mode will be triggered.

MaskedEditBox Control for Editor

The Editor Control for Windows Forms provides the MaskedEditBox for users with universal data entry and strict validation. The MaskedEditBox is smart control for managing data input and enhances the regular textbox functionality through adding input validation and masks like date, IP Address, phone number, digits, decimals, and many more. The MaskedEditBox allows users input a specific type of data and limit the values that users can enter. Its valid values include Standard, DateTime, Numeric, Regex, IP Address mask, Email and Null Value.

DropDownList Control for Editor

The DropDown and List Control are the alternative of the standard of combobox in Microsoft Visual Studio, but provide richer UI design than the combobox control. This Control is a universal combobox that combines an editing field and a drop down list and will allows users to search and select data from the drop down list. When we set the Value of Text Box as free form, it can accept data input freely. Furthermore, this value will trigger the AutoComplete mode and allows users choose an entry from the drop down list. Though the Drop down List control and the List control are separate physically, they use the same structure and properties.

Date Time Picker Control

This Date Time Picker control is used to create a comprehensive date input user interface for Windows Forms application. This control can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the Kettic Calendar Control. By using the Date Time Picker control, users can input the date or choose the date from the calendar. The values of the two controls will synchronize automatically for further customizing of the date.

Spin Editor Control

The Spin Editor Control for Windows Forms applications is used to replace the standard Windows Numeric Up Down control and change a number in a textbox via the up and down buttons. Users can easily customize the control to be the same appearance of any other Kettic WinForms Controls by using the themes provided. This control is compatible with large numbers, minimum and maximum values, step for increment and decrement value, and value changing and value changed events

NullText Support

The Kettic Windows Forms Editor control provides NullText support and users can hide the default value for an editor in scenarios, or display a custom message, NullText, to guide the user what action need to be taken.

Track Bar Control

The Track Bar Control is used to choose a value on a bar via changing the position of the slider. Users can easily customize the control in horizontal and vertical direction or at an arbitrary angle, and supports themes.