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Auto Complete Box of Editors WinForms Control Overview

The Kettic Auto Completion Box Control is designed for .NET UI Designers to easily fill in text. This functionality resembles the behavior of To field of the Outlook, in which users can fill in the recipients to send a new message. There are various powerful features of the Auto Completion Box Control, such as the different layout modes, auto-complete in bound and unbound mode of Outlook style, theming mechanism and customizable appearance, selection and navigation, localizable context menu, and flexible and intuitive API.
The Auto Complete Box WinForms Control is able to do the multiple items selection from a predefined list. The auto completion will complete the entire text as users type a few characters and resemble the text entry while filling in the field of recipient and sending messages on Facebook. The Kettic Auto Complete Box Control completely inherits all features of Text Box WinForms Control
When using the Auto Complete Box control, we can adjust the delimiter property at any time, which determines every tokenized text block separated by character.

C# Code for Text Setting

The C# code below shows how to set text in Auto Complete Box control at run time.

private void SetText()
this.autoCompleteBox1.Text = "USA;Brazil;Germany;Bulgaria;Serbia;";

C# Code for Visualizing Remove Button

The C# code below shows how to visualize the remove button by changing the DisplayRemoveButton property,

this.autoCompleteBox.DispalyRemoveButton = false;

C# Code for Accessing Tokenized Items

The C# code below shows how to access the tokenized items via using the property, Items collection of Kettic Auto Complete Box,

KetticTokenizedTextItem thirdToken = autoCompleteBox.Items[2];
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