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Coded UI Extension for Windows Forms
Test your Windows Forms application through the user interface.
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WinForms Coded UI Control Overview

The Kettic Coded UI component is an extension designed to test the Windows Forms application via the user interface. This Coded UI extension is for the Windows Forms UI controls provides by Kettic and will run in the Coded UI test process in Microsoft Visual Studio. It is able to catch the message of the Kettic controls encountering a test recording and then create code to replay the test session. It is really useful when validate the WinForms UI control or other logic in the user interface. The Coded UI test is only success when the control property value is valid.

How to Create a Coded UI Test

It is easy to create a coded UI test for the controls for your Windows Forms application in Visual Studio. It is simply for .NET WinForms UI designer to run the Coded UI test manually when running the coded UI Test Builder in the background. The coded UI component provides highly customizable ability for developers to set the values that will be displayed in specific control properties. The coded UI Test Builder will be able to keep the record of the actions that you processing, and then create C# or VB.NET code from the actions. An assertion can be added in the process of keeping records. Having created the Coded UI test, UI designers can configure or change the Coded UI test in a Visual Studio editor or change the actions sequence.

Coded UI Test Support