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Coded UI Extension for Windows Forms
Run in the Visual Studio Coded UI Test process and test your application through the UI
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KetticUI Controls and Actions Support by Coded UI Control

KetticCoded UI test supports the basic record and playback through Microsoft Active Accessibility with coordinate click to identify the control. It supports various actions like click, select, open, type or drag and drop the coded UI test. This control also supports C# code creation for adding a specialized test C# class with custom properties to the recorded Kettic UI controls. In addition, the coded UI test also supports the rich property validation which allows developers define a particular property for a Kettic control. Custom properties can be added to these properties.

Elements and Properties Support by KetticCodedUI Control

KetticCodedUI Test control supports all Kettic UI controls for Windows Forms. The following list shows the supported elements and properties or actions of the controls.
  • KetticMenu, the supported properties of this element include ItemsCount and HasChildNodes
  • KetticMenuItem, KetticCodedUI test control support MenuItem control and the actions of its Checked, IsTopLevelMenu, Text, HasChildNodes, and ItemsCount
  • KetticDropDownList, compatible with the DropDownList element and its properties, including Expanded, IsEditable, SelectedIndex, and SelectedItem
  • KetticDropDownButton, the supported actions of this element include ForeColor, BackColor, Text, ItemsCount, and HasChildNodes
  • KetticRadioButton, KetticCodedUI test control supports the RadioButton control and its properties of IsChecked and Text
  • KetticCheckBox, supported properties or actions of this element include IsChecked, ToggleState, and Text
  • KetticButton, KetticCodedUI test control supports the Button control and its actions include ForeColor, BackColor, Text, Pressed, ButtonClick, and ButtonClick
  • KetticGridView, compatible with the GridView control and its properties like RowCount, ColumnCount, GridViewCellInfo, ForeColor, BackColor, Text, Selected, RowIndex, ColumnIndex, Wait, GridViewRowInfo, CellCount, Selected, and RowIndex
  • KetticListControl, the supported properties and actions of this element contains the SelectedIndex, SelectedValue, ItemsCount, DataSource, DataMember, ValueMember, AutoSizeItems, ItemHeight, IsMultipleSelection, SelectedIndex, KetticListDataItem, Text, ForeColor, Active, Selected, RowIndex, and Selected
  • KetticTreeView, support the properties of the TreeView control such as TreeViewXml, ItemsCount, KetticTreeNode, Expanded, Selected, Text, HasChildNodes, Expanded, Selected, and Text
  • KetticCommandBar, compatible with the properties of the CommandBar including ForeColor, BackColor, Text, Lines, CommandBarItem, ForeColor, BackColor, and Text
  • KetticTextBox, the supported properties include LineCount, MaxLenght, SelectionStart, SelectionEnd, IsPassword, ReadOnly, and Text
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