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PageView Control for WinForms
Create large page views with excellent performance
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WinForms PageView Control Overview

The PageView Control for Windows Forms has pretty excellent performance when managing large amounts of page views. By using this PageView Control, developers can easily build slick appearance tab strip and panel bar, mimic Navigation Pane of Outlook, vertical, hierarchical or overlapping tabs, insert images into items, add templates, and more. The PageView Control for Windows Forms provides extended architecture to views large amounts of pages.

Architecture of PageView Control

The PageView Control for Windows Forms offers the features of displaying pages to view. Developers can add the PageView control to the page via the Designer in Visual Studio. The PageView contains pages and items and each item can show the page that is associated with. The Kettic PageView Control uses a specific layout to arrange the items and pages. The architecture is simple and offers large flexibility and extensibility for developers. The Kettic PageView Control can implement different layout scenarios and can be easily customized. So it is really easy to create custom views of pages.

PageView Modes of WinForms Control

You can nest any Kettic UI Controls and custom element within PageView. With the feature of the PageView Modes, developers can flexibly build page navigation and build complicated custom UI for their Windows Forms applications. For example, users can use the PageView control create custom text boxes, combo boxes as well as many other elements in the page area. There are three navigation modes supported by the PageView Control, including Outlook View, TabView, and ListBar.

OutlookView Mode of PageView Control

The OutlookView mode resembles the NavPane style of Outlook and provides more amazing and easy to customize navigation menu style of Outlook. The items will be stack vertically and the content will placed on it. There will be an overflow strip that is placed below the items and will show the collapsed items, where developers can easily customize the appearance of the items.

TabView Mode of PageView Control

The TabView mode actually is a strip view, encapsulating the TabControl view, provides rich formatting and behavior to create tab interfaces. The TabView includes numerous settings to further customizing the strip and content area of the items on the page. For example, developers can customize the strip alignment and location, text direction, drag and drop animated, scrolling and overflow automatically, close button for each tab and page, build new tab functionality, and multilevel tab strips.

ListView Mode

The ListView mode is similar to the base view of PanelBar. With the ListView mode, developers can fully customize the header, footer, and presentation. The ListView organize the items in a stack and align the content area and page either in center or at the top or bottom. There are two selection modes the ListView support, Standard and SelectedContent.

Design Time Support

The PageView Controls for Windows Forms provide rich design-time support functionality to developers. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the PageView Controls when design the user interface. For example, it is capable of configuring the PageView view mode and properties of a specific view, adding or removing pages, items drag and drop, adding themes at design time, building custom themes and endless customizations.

Rich Appearance Support by PageView Control

The PageView Controls contain rich themes for .NET WinForms developers to create slick user interfaces that resemble appearances of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. It is easy to switch the themes by changing a property. The PageView Controls for Windows Forms UI Design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. The provided well-thought light element tree help developers stylish the user interface easily and intuitively. Developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder.

Keyboard Support by PageView Control

The PageView Controls integrates the keyboard support. When users focus to the PageView Control, they can navigate to any tabs through the arrow keys and Tab or Shift+Tab keys.

RTL Languages and Localization Support

The PageView Controls for WinForms is included in the Kettic UI Design Controls Suite and support the localization and right to left languages.