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Outlook View Mode of PageView in C#.NET

The OutlookView mode resembles the NavPane style of Outlook and provides more amazing and easy to customize navigation menu style of Outlook 2007 and 2010. The items will be stack vertically and the content will placed on it. There will be an overflow strip that is placed below the items and will show the collapsed items, where developers can easily customize the style and appearance of the items.

Features of OutlookView of PageView in C#.NET

The KetticPageView Outlook view mode imitates the navigation menu of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. It contains various features for the users to create custom Windows applications in C#.NET.
  • The Outlook view of KetticPageView is able to display check/uncheck visible items and collapse and expand the items stack using an overflow grip
  • The Outlook view of KetticPageView is a special case of the standard Stack Mode in the selection behavior and items layout and does not determine the stack positions
  • Extend the functionality of the Stack View through adding an overflow grip and overflow panel shown collapsed items
  • Contains an overflow menu for the users to hide specific items permanently
  • The Outlook view of KetticPageView provides C# API for automating the behavior of the overflow grip and the overflow menu.
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