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Windows Forms Rotator Control
Create interactive and user friendly rotation user interfaces
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Rotator Control for WinForms Overview

The Rotator Control for Windows Forms UI design is able to create interactive and user friendly rotation user interface style for rotating content. If developers use this Rotator control in their applications, they can build highly interactive and user involved content, control, and webpage with animated rotation.

Content, Control and Web Page Rotation Support

The Rotator Control for Windows Forms UI design allows developers to build any static or dynamic content with rotation features. It is possible to rotate an entire web page with Flash or window objects. With the Rotator control, developers are able to add the rotation feature to any elements like text box, buttons, and combobox in their windows forms application.

Animation, Scale Effects, and Interaction Support

Users of the Rotator Control are able to set the animation between frames to opaque or transparent, and configure the slide movement in any orientation. The Rotator Control for Windows Forms also provides the support of scale transformation which allows developers to configure the level of granularity and interval between frames. Meanwhile, developers can build full interactive applications that the end users can freely interact with the items, elements, and web pages in the rotator content.

Flexible Rotator API

The Rotator Control for Windows Forms provides flexible API for UI designers to create rotators with rich functionalities. With the flexible API, Windows Forms UI designer can easily control the behaviors like customizing the scrolling or slideshows. The rotator control contains five functions, Start, Stop, GoTo frame, Previous and Next, to control the rotator state.

Rich Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The Rotator Control for Windows Forms provide rich design time support functionality to developers. This feature allows UI designer easily customize and configure the content rotation when design the user interface. For example, it is easy to create manage shortcuts and images, and apply themes and change between them at design time, or build custom themes by yourself.

RTL Languages and Localization Support

The Rotator Control provide the support of UI localization and right to left languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu. The Rotator Control for WinForms is included in the Kettic UI Controls Suite that support the localization and right to left languages.