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Create Slide Viewer with KetticRotator in C#

This is a C# guide that shows how to create a Slide Viewer by using the KetticRotator WinForms control. To create a slide view, we shall load some images for this control and then display them in the KetticRotator. There are some sample images available in the control package. In addition, we are able to integrate the KetticStatusStrip component with KetticLabelElement into this Rotator control in the Windows application.

Creation of Slide View with KetticRotator in C#.NET

  • Create a new Windows Application in your Visual Studio, and Drag a KetticStatusStrip control from the toolbox and drop it on the form. Set the Dock property of this control to Bottom.
  • Add a KetticLabelElement through the downward pointing arrow of the KetticStatusStrip control.
  • Drag a KetticRotator control from the toolbox and drop it on the form. Set the Dock property of this control to Fill
  • Open the code view of the form and change the declaration of the form to derive from the Kettic.WinControls.UI.KetticForm C# class as the C# code below.

public partial class TutorialCreatingASlideViewerWithKetticRotator : KetticForm
  • Go back to the design view in the Windows Form, click the events tab of the Properties Windows, and then navigate to the Forms Load event.
  • Create a Load event handler and replace the default code with the C# code snippet below, which will load the image items for the Rotator control and calling the Start() method to start the animation.
  • Run the C# Windows Forms application and view the slides with animation effect.

public TutorialCreatingASlideViewerWithKetticRotator()
ketticRotator1.BeginRotate += new BeginRotateEventHandler(ketticRotator1_BeginRotate);
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