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Rotator Control for Windows Forms
Create interactive and user friendly content rotation to image and text rotation with animations
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Guide of Rotator Control for C#.NET Application

KetticRotator Control for Windows Forms UI design is able to create interactive and user friendly user interface style for content, control, and webpage with animated rotation. This control allows the developers to add the rotation feature to any elements like text box, buttons, and combobox in their windows forms application. Furthermore, they can customize the animation between frames to opaque or transparent, and configure the slide movement in any orientation.

Configuring KetticRotator for .NET Windows Application

KetticRotator WinForms control allows the users to configure it at design time, and then run the animation at both design time and runtime. The following tutorial demonstrates how to show a series of images and a site in .NET application.
  1. Create a new Windows Application in your Visual Studio and configure the Size property of the Windows Form to 300, 300.
  2. Drag a KetticRotator control from the toolbox and drop it on the form. Set the Dock property of this control to Fill.
  3. Click the ellipses for the Items property in the Property Window to launch the KetticItemsCollectionEditor
  4. Click the split button arrow to show the types that the KetticRotator control will apply in the items collection editor. And then locate and click the KetticImageItem
  5. Click the Image property ellipses in the items collection editor to open the Select Resource dialog
  6. Select the Local Resource radio button, and click the Import button to add an image file. Click the OK button to close the Select Resource dialog.
  7. Repeat the above step to add three more KetticImageItems.
  8. Add a KetticWebBrowserItem to the Item collection editor, and configure the URL property to your web site. And then click the OK button to close the KetticItemsCollectionEditor
  9. Now we can click the right navigation button to navigate through items at design time in the designer.
  10. Change the Running property of the KetticRotator control to true and then run the Windows application to check the result.
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