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WinForms TreeView Control
Build complex navigation systems and display complex hierarchical structures
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TreeView Control for WinForms Overview

The TreeView Control for Windows Forms is designed for developers to create complicated navigation systems for Windows Forms applications and easily and fast display hierarchical structures. The WinForms TreeView Control offers a powerful Data Binding support, drag and drop items capability. When you apply the TreeView Control to your Windows Forms application, it will deeply improve the navigation and the UI design to your application. The TreeView for Windows Forms provides excellent user experience through the use of virtualization and is able to load thousands of nodes in milliseconds.In addition, TreeView provides effortless skinning and ready to use themes.

Data Binding Support by TreeView Control

The Kettic TreeView Control provides powerful data binding capability and developers can just configure a simple property of the control to bind the TreeView to any data sources or object that implements IList, IListSource, IBindingList, generic lists, and BindingSource, in your Window Forms development environment.

Drag and Drop Support by TreeView Control

The TreeView Control entirely support drag and drop functionality which largely expands the Windows Forms application capabilities. For example, developers can easily drag and drop nodes within the TreeView control or among a few TreeView Controls, locate the node place, drag and drop nodes in other elements, scroll up and down a dragging node automatically, expand a dragging node automatically, and fine-tune specific nodes when dragging and dropping.

Context Menu Styling Support

If developers use the Kettic TreeView Control to their Windows Forms application, they can add context menus to any tree node and add different context menus for each tree node flexibly to expand the TreeView functionality. Furthermore, UI designers can entirely customize or adjust the skins of each context menu as needed.

Checkbox and Checkbox States Support

The Kettic TreeView Control also provides checkboxes and various states support. There are three different valid states available, checked, unchecked, and partial states. Developers can also manage the checkbox states in C# or VB.NET code to build interactive treeview. When using the TreeView control, it is possible to check or uncheck all sub nodes whenever the parent node is checked or unchecked.

Filter, Sort, and Rich API Support

The Kettic TreeView Control offers the support of filtering, sorting, and rich API to operate the data. It is really easy to perform the operations on the fly when you exposed event for filtering, and sorting. The rich API and complete set of events provided help users fully control all functions. Developers can easily add, delete, update items at runtime as well as create hierarchical navigation simply.

Animations Styles Support

The TreeView Control supports plenty of expand animation styles that allows users of the control to build great user experience for their applications. There are a lot of predefined animations styles available to UI designers for selecting. Additionally, users can build custom animations styles.

Seamless Integration with CAB Support

When users need to build complicated, enterprise-ready Windows Forms solutions, they may need to use the Composite UI Application Block (CAB). And our TreeView Control for Windows Forms can be seamlessly integrated with the Composite UI Application Block smart client and the underlying infrastructure.

Keyboard Support by TreeView Control

The TreeView Control for Windows Forms provides full keyboard support. It is compatible with the standard keyboard navigation and users can focus on a treeview with a predefined Alt and any Key combination. The users of your application could navigate through the nodes, expand or collapse, select, and check and uncheck nodes.

Rich Appearance Support by TreeView Control

The TreeView Controls contain rich themes for Windows Forms UI designers to build slick user interfaces that have the similar look of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. It is easy to switch the themes by adjusting a property. The WinForms TreeView Controls for UI design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. With this feature, developers need not to redo the theme from scratch and could apply the updated color scheme to all Windows Forms controls. Developers can also build a new custom theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder. The TreeView Controls offers a few html tags to display rich text formatting.

Localization Support by TreeView Controls

The Windows Forms TreeView Controls provide the support of localization as well as full localization of its strings and right to left languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Hebrew. The TreeView Controls for WinForms is included in the Kettic UI Controls Suite that fully supports the localization and right to left languages.

Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The TreeView Controls for Windows Forms provide rich design-time support. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the TreeView controls when design the user interface. For example, it is easy to create inline item using Property Builder dialog, decelerate data source at design time, drag and drop items within parent control or among controls, control shortcuts and images, apply predefined themes at design time or build custom themes for UI design as needed by using the TreeView control.