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Add Screen Tip to Nodes of KetticTreeView in C#.NET

KetticTreeView control for WinForms provides the support of screen tip in tree view. This feature is able to display a view tip when the users of your application hover over the nodes in KetticTreeView. This control contains the KetticScreenTip event for the developers to integrate this functionality into their Windows application. In this C# tutorial, we will demonstrate how to achieve this in C#.NET project.

Assign Screen Tip to nodes in KetticTreeView in C#.NET

KetticTreeView control includes the ScreenTipNeeded event for the interface designer to add the screen tip to the nodes of this control. The following C# code example demonstrates how to assign a ScreenTip to a TreeNodeElement.

KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement screenTip = new KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement();
Size size = new Size(120, 70);
Padding pad = new Padding(2);

void ketticTreeView1_ScreenTipNeeded(object sender, Kettic.WinForms.ScreenTipNeededEventArgs e)
TreeNodeElement node = e.Item as TreeNodeElement;
if (node != null)
screenTip.TextLabel.Image = node.ImageElement.Image;
screenTip.TextLabel.TextImageRelation = TextImageRelation.ImageBeforeText;
screenTip.TextLabel.Padding = pad;
screenTip.TextLabel.Text = "This is " + node.ContentElement.Text;
screenTip.TextLabel.Margin = new System.Windows.Forms.Padding(10);
screenTip.CaptionLabel.Padding = pad;
screenTip.CaptionLabel.Text = node.ContentElement.Text;
screenTip.EnableCustomSize = true;
screenTip.AutoSize = false;
screenTip.Size = size;
node.ScreenTip = this.screenTip;

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