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C# Sorting Nodes of KetticTreeView

KetticTreeView WinForms control offers the support of sorting nodes and the rich C# API to manipulate the data. It is easy to perform the KetticTreeView node sorting operations on the fly when we exposed the filter event in C# Windows project. The rich C# API and complete set of filter events included in the KetticTreeView component help the users to fully control the filtering functionalities for nodes. The developers can easily add, delete, update items at runtime as well as create hierarchical navigation for nodes of KetticTreeView control.

Apply Sorting to Nodes of KetticTreeView in C#.NET

KetticTreeView WinForms control is capable of sorting nodes of the control. The sorting functionality is enabled through using the SortOrder property. We are able to perform the sorting node functionality for each group of the nodes in the same level. The following are the valid values for the SortOrder property of the KetticTreeView control.
  • None, when we assign the SortOrder property to this value, it will not apply the sorting to nodes
  • Ascending, when setting the value to ascending, the KetticTreeView will sort the node in ascending order
  • Descending, the descending order will sort the nodes of KetticTreeView in descending order

C# Code for Setting SortOrder property to Apply Sorting

The following C# code demonstrates how to set the SortOrder to be ascending value with the KetticTreeView instance in C#.NET project.

this.ketticTreeView1.SortOrder = SortOrder.Ascending;
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