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KetticTreeView Control for Windows Forms
Build complex navigation systems and display complex hierarchical structures
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Working with TreeView Control at Design time in C#.NET

KetticTreeView control for Windows Forms provides rich design-time support. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the TreeView controls when design the interface. For example, it is easy to create inline item using Property Builder dialog, decelerate data source at design time, drag and drop items within parent control or among controls, control shortcuts and images, apply predefined themes at design time or build custom themes for UI design as needed by using the KetticTreeView control.

Smart Tag of KetticTreeView control for Windows Forms

KetticTreeView WinForms control provides the Smart Tag for the developers to fast access the common tasks like building the elements of KetticTreeView and customizing the appearance of the KetticTreeView via the predefined themes. The following are the details of the smart tag.
  • Theme Name, KetticTreeView control provides predefined themes for the users to select. The developers can easily choose a theme name from the themes drop down list to apply to the control.
  • New Theme Manager, this tag allows the users to add a new KetticThemeManager component to the form in their Windows application
  • Search, this tag will help the users to find a given string.
  • OpenProperty Builder, the Property Builder is able to create and arrange node structure and appearance for the KetticTreeView control.
  • Dock in parent container, this container allows the users to dock the KetticTreeView into the parent container.
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