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Windows Forms RibbonBar Control
Build innovative user interfaces with Office 2007 and 2010 ribbon UI design
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RibbonBar Control for WinForms Overview

The RibbonBar Control for Windows Forms is designed for developers to create Microsoft Office ribbon UI for their Windows Forms applications in a few seconds. The RibbonBar Control can be seamlessly integrated into your .NET Forms projects and other controls. And developers can codelessly manage all the functionality of the Windows Forms application in a compact toolbar control. It is easy to extend and implement the RibbonBar Control in ribbon form. The RibbonBar Control also provides fully customizable application menu support, Office 2010 backstage view support, and nested controls.

Office Interface Support

The RibbonBar Control for Windows Forms offers Office user interface support. Developers can easily create Office 2007 and 2010 like and feel user interfaces of ribbon bar. With this features, your applications will have similar appearance of the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 so that the users will not be unfamiliar with it.

Ribbon Form for RibbonBar Control

The RibbonBar Control for Windows Forms provides a special form that has been configured to save the time of developers to configure the first layer of the user interface. The Ribbon Form also provides various buttons to minimize, maximize, and close the form. This control supports transparency that allows developers build user interface for applications used in Windows 7. All the themes included in the Kettic WinForms UI Controls can be applied to the RibbonBar Control and custom control can also be built by developers as needed.

Application Menu Customizing Support

The RibbonBar Control for Windows Forms offers fully customizable application menu. By using the ribbonbar button, developers can build cool custom application with ease of use access to document, form, or application. Recent document lists, access to form options, and exit from the form are all included in the button control. The Menu support allows users build Office 2007 ribbon UI at design time and has more extended features. It is able to apply the themes included in the Kettic WinForms UI Control or build custom themes as necessary.

Office 2010 Backstage View Support

The RibbonBar Control not only supports the Office 2007 UI guidelines with the application menu, but also support the barckstage view created based on Office 2010 ribbonbar design principles. Themes of Office 2010 included in the suite implement the Office style to achieve Microsoft Office menu appearance.

Nested Controls Included in RibbonBar

The Kettic Windows Forms UI Controls contains all controls that developers will use in build a ribbon bar if they are using the Kettic Windows Forms UI Controls Suite. With theses UI Controls, developers can build the interface at design time, customize them as necessary, and apply themes to them. For example, they can uses the controls following like this, TabStrip, Buttons and Check Box, ComboBox, DropDownButton, Gallery, and ToolStrip control

Office 2007 and 2010 UI Design Guidelines Support

The RibbonBar Controls for Windows Forms support the ribbon interface because it is directly built from the MS Office 2007 UI Design Guilelines and Office 2010 UI innovations. The elements and specifications supported the ribbon interface includes Tabs, Groups, Controls of buttons, menus, combo, automatic ribbon size adjustment, popup, backstage view, and more.

Rich Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The RibbonBar Controls provide rich design-time support functionality. This feature allows developers easily build an entire ribbon by using the tabs, chunks, and controls on the Visual Studio design surface. And the control also offers the support of items drag and drop within parent control or between controls, themes adding at design time, and full customization of UI design as needed.

RTL Languages and Localization Support

The RibbonBar Controls for WinForms is included in the Kettic UI Design Controls Suite and support the localization, full localization of its strings, and all right to left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

Rich Appearance Support by RibbonBar Controls

The RibbonBar Controls contain rich themes for .NET WinForms developers to create slick user interfaces that resemble appearances of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. The RibbonBar Controls for Windows Forms UI Design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. The provided well-thought light element tree help developers stylish the user interface easily and intuitively. Developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder.