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Structure of KetticRibbonBar .NET Component

KetticRibbonBar control for Windows Forms consist of a very complex structure and allows the users to add other controls to customize the KetticRibbonBar. For example, this control supports the customization of quick access toolbar, start menu, tabs, contextual menu tabs group, ribbon bar group, button group, element, and galleries in the KetticRibbonBar control for C# Windows Forms applications. In the article, we are going through the structure of the KetticRibbonBar control.

Quick Access Toolbar of KetticRibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar offers a Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the control to contain a variety of elements as the Kettic menus, such as Menu items, which is capable of showing images and text, Combo boxes, Custom items, and Separators.

KetticRibbonBar Start Menu

KetticRibbonBar includes a Start Menu that will be shown as clicking the Office Button at the upper left corner of the control. There are two item columns in the Start Menu, containing several elements as the Kettic menus, like Menu items, which is capable of showing images and text, Combo boxes, Custom items, and Separators

Tabs in KetticRibbonBar Control

KetticRibbonBar offers tabs to split the application functionality to major areas. These tabs organize the main part of the KetticRibbonBar at the first level. All the tabs on the KetticRibbonBar are available in the menu from the drop down arrow to the right of the tabs.

KetticRibbonBar Contextual Tabs Groups

KetticRibbonBar control uses the Contextual Tab Groups to organize related tabs that will be applied to a specific object in a Windows application. In the contextual tab groups, the Formatting and Layout tabs are included in the Appearance contextual tab group and the Spelling and Insert tabs are included in the Data contextual tab group.

Ribbon Bar Groups of KetticRibbonBar

The Ribbon Bar Groups of the control is able to collapse individually. In KetticRibbonBar control, there are one or more groups in a single tab and a single group can contains individual functional elements.

KetticRibbonBar Button Groups

When KetticRibbonBar include one or more button groups in the Ribbon Bar Groups, the single button group is able to inlcude other nested button groups or individual functional elements. It is able to set the button groups in horizontal direction or in vertical direction.

Elements of KetticRibbonBar Control

KetticRibbonBar has a variety of elements to represent the individual functional pieces of the control. The Ribbon Bar Groups and button groups are able to include the elements directly. These elements include button elements, drop-down button elements, split button elements, repeat button elements, toggle button elements, and check box elements.

Galleries in KetticRibbonBar Control

KetticRibbonBar control contains a gallery element to perform visual selection. It is able to expand or collapse the gallery in the Kettic Ribbon Bar. The collapsed view of gallery displays a single row of selection and the expanded view of the gallery displays the complete selections and other tools.
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