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Move RibbonBar Items with Drag and Drop

KetticRibbonBar provides the drag and drop functionality support. With the drag and drop functionality, the users can easily rearrange the tabs in KetticRibbonBar by using drag and drop functionality at design time. In addition, it is also possible to move the KetticRibbonBar groups, button groups, elements in a group by drag and drop.

Moving Tabs in KetticRibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar control allows the users to move tabs by drag and drop action. This is accomplished by clicking on the tab with mouse and moving the tabs to the position where you want to place, and then releasing the mouse click. When we are dragging tabs, the tabs will be positioned to the right of the tab as dragging from left to right and to the left of the tab as dragging from the right to the left.

Moving Items in KetticRibbonBar

Moreover, we can move items by using drag and drop. It is possible to drag and drop RibbonBar groups within a tab, button groups within a RibbonBar group, and more. To drag and drop items, we can follow the same process as the RibbonBar tabs.
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