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Add Other WinForms Controls to RibbonBar in C#.NET

KetticRibbonBar WinForms control not only allows the users to add groups and buttons, but also to add various UI controls to the ribbon bar groups and button groups. The RibbonBar control can be seamlessly integrated into .NET template projects and any other Windows Forms controls. And this RibbonBar Control also provides fully customizable application menu support, Office 2010 backstage view support, and nested controls. In this article, you will find the controls that can be added to the KetticRibbonBar in C#.NET projects.

Add More Controls to KetticRibbonBar

Kettic UI Controls for Windows Forms contains a variety of user interface of controls. To achieve this, the users need to add the relevant element of the controls to the RibbonBar. The designers can add many of them into ribbon groups and button groups in the RibbonBar control. The following are the elements that are used to add controls to the RibbonBar.
  • KetticCheckBoxElement
  • KetticGalleryElement
  • KetticComboBox
  • KetticProgressBarElement
  • KetticImageButtonElement
  • KetticSplitButtonElement
  • KetticRepeatButtonElement
  • KetticToggleButtonElement
  • KetticDropDownButtonElement

Steps of Adding Controls to KetticRibbonBar

  1. When the users want to add other controls to RibbonBar, they need to insert the relevant element into the KetticRibbonBar.
  2. Right click inside of a group or a button group of KetticRibbonBar
  3. Click Add an Item or choose Insert Adjacent, and then select the relevant element
  4. In the Properties window of the element, customize the properties for the added element.
  5. The element and control will be added into the RibbonBar control for Windows Forms
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