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Adding and Customizing Screen Tips of RibbonBar in C#.NET

KetticRibbonBar control for Windows Forms offers screen tips for the users to extend the tooltips of KetticRibbonBar element. KetticRibbonBar component can be seamlessly integrated into your .NET Forms projects and other controls. And the UI designers can codelessly manage all the functionality of the Windows Forms application in a compact toolbar control. It is easy to extend and implement the RibbonBar control in ribbon form. KetticRibbonBar also provides fully customizable application menu support, Office 2010 backstage view support, and nested controls.

Create a Screen Tip in RibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar allows the users to add screen tips at design time. The steps below demonstrate how to create a screen tip.
  1. Create a KetticRibbonForm and drag and drop the KetticRibbonBar control on the form
  2. Choose a KetticButtonElement on the KetticRibbonBar control in your .NET project.
  3. Expand the drop down arrow from the ScreenTip property in the KetticButtonElement
  4. Choose the template, WinForms.UI.KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement template for your project.
  5. Customize the screen tip by modifying the properties in Property Window

Customize Screen Tip in RibbonBar

The following are steps that demonstrate how to customize a screen tip in your Windows Forms application.
  • Choose the screen tip of the kettic ribbon bar element that will be customized
  • Click the ScreenTip property and hit the ellipsis button in the TipItems collection.
  • In the Collection Editor of the KetticItems, customize the relevant screen t properties

C# Add Screen Tips in RibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar control offers a few options of screen tips that can be customized by using C# code. The users are able to customize the style, size, text wrapping and more features of the screen tips by using the ScreenTipNeeded C# event of any Kettic UI controls. It is possible to customize the screen tip through the C# event arguments or ScreenTip object assigned. The following are the C# code that demonstrates how to customize the screen tip by handling the ScreenTipNeeded event.

C# code for adding screen tips

KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement screenTip = new KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement();

private void ketticGridView1_ScreenTipNeeded(object sender, Kettic.WinForms.ScreenTipNeededEventArgs e)
GridDataCellElement cell = e.Item as GridDataCellElement;
if (cell != null)
screenTip.MainTextLabel.Image = Image.FromFile("..\\DataSources\\moon.jpg");
screenTip.MainTextLabel.Padding = new Padding(2);
screenTip.CaptionLabel.Padding = new Padding(2);
screenTip.CaptionLabel.Text = cell.ColumnInfo.HeaderText;
screenTip.MainTextLabel.Text = cell.Text;

screenTip.EnableCustomSize = true;
cell.ScreenTip = this.screenTip;

C# code for customizing screen tips

private void ketticGridView1_ScreenTipNeeded2(object sender, Kettic.WinForms.ScreenTipNeededEventArgs e)
KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement screenTip = e.Item.ScreenTip as KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement;

if (screenTip != null)
screenTip.EnableCustomSize = true;
screenTip.AutoSize = false;
screenTip.Size = new Size(200, 150);
screenTip.MainTextLabel.AutoSize = false;
screenTip.MainTextLabel.AutoSizeMode = KetticAutoSizeMode.FitToAvailableSize;
screenTip.MainTextLabel.Size = new Size(200, 150);
screenTip.MainTextLabel.TextWrap = true;

C# code for adding screen tips to button elements in the KetticRibbonBar

KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement tip1 = new KetticOffice2007ScreenTipElement();
tip1.CaptionLabel.Text = "Button1";
tip1.MainTextLabel.Text = "My Text";
this.ketticButtonElement2.ScreenTip = tip1;
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