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KetticRibbonBar Right to Left Support in C#.NET

KetticRibbonBar for Windows Forms is a control of the Kettic WinForms UI Controls Suite. Like many other controls in this suite, the KetticRibbonBar also support of showing the text and message from the right side to the left side. This feature is mainly help the designers of ribbon user interface to build Windows applications that may be delivered in the countries whose characters of the language are shown from the right to the left, such as, Hebrew and Arabic.

C# Enable the Right to Left Support for RibbonBar

KetticRibbonBar contains a RightToLeft property for the users to enable the right to left functionality to show the text or content of the ribbon bar instance from right to left side. The following simple C# code snippet is used to enable the right to left feature.

this.ketticRibbonBar1.RightToLeft = System.Windows.Forms.RightToLeft.Yes;
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