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Themes for Windows Forms
Easy to add look and feel of Office, Windows, or unique skins to your applications
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WinForms Control Themes Overview

The Kettic WinForms Theme and Skin Control is provided as a separated component which simplifies the way of adding themes when you are designing the user interface in your .NET Windows Forms projects. This WinForms control not only support the standard look and feel of Microsoft Office, Windows, Visual Studio 2010, but also more additional themes, which is possible to let you build unique UI experience applications for your users.

Shipped Themes and Skins

The Kettic Theme Control is a powerful theme and skin engine. It not only provides its own unique UI experience, but also shipped the Microsoft Office, Windows and Visual Studio inspired skins to support the standard look and feel. The Kettic Theme and Skin Control is entirely compatible with the skins of Office 2013, Office 2010 Silver, black and Blue, Office 2007 Blue, Silver, Black, Pink and Green. It is also support the Windows 7 inspired skins including the Seven Standard and the Seven Classic. Furthermore, the Theme control provides the support of all Visual Studio 2010 inspired skins.

Additional Custom Themes

Besides the support of the standard themes and skins, the Kettic Theme and Skin Control also provides some unique skins for developers to build cool Windows Forms to meet and even exceed the the end users’ expectations. For example, it is support the metropolis, shark, darkroom, high contrast, caramel, money twins, blueprint, whiteprint, coffee, liquid sky, and glass oceans etc. Additionally, this control utilize the bitmap based skin library for all controls and also ship a windows forms theme and skin editor to easily modify the existing themes and skins when you need to customize them.