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Clock Control for WinForms Overview

The Clock control is a Windows Forms component that is used to design time user interface for developers. It helps developers easily display time in Windows Forms applications. It is because the WinForms Clock control uses a bitmap image as the background that developers cannot customize the size of the Clock control in Windows Forms applications.

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Key Properties of Clock Control for WinForms

How to Use the Clock Control in Windows Forms

The below steps show the process of creating a windows forms application, adding the Clock control to the application, and displaying time on it
  1. Create a Windows Forms project in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  2. Add the Clock control to your Windows Form template project
  3. Drag and drop three Clocks to the Forms in your Windows Forms application.
  4. Place a label on the top of the Clocks, and set the text of the labels on the Clock as London, Tokyo and New York.
  5. In the code behind, set the property of DisplaySystemTime to first clock as displaying the time of London, and then set the Offset properties of the rest of the clocks to: +7, -6.

londonClock.DisplaySystemTime = true;
tokyoClock.Offset = new TimeSpan(7, 0, 0);
newYorkClock.Offset = new TimeSpan(-6,0,0);