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Button Controls for Windows Forms
Create attractive buttons for Windows Forms applications. Rich buttons included
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WinForms Button Extension Overview

The button component for Windows Forms provides multiple featured buttons to create attractive User Interface for your .NET Windows Forms applications. The button control is really easy to use and works the same way with any other Windows Forms controls. It also provides some featured advantages, including themes, rotation and transparency, images and text. With the WinForms button control, developers could build amazing buttons rather than the common ones in the .NET Windows Forms template projects. The Button Control for WinFoms is featured as:

Regular Button for WinForms

The WinForms UI Button is an easy to use, simple button control designed for developers to add a broad range of button appearance instead of the standard Windows Forms button. It is easy to design the visual appearance and customize the User Interface for WinForms applications via themes included in the Button control. Developers are able to design the UI for WinForms by adding rotation, transparency, shapes, images, text, and backgrounds with this Button UI control. All the design work can be done by setting a few intuitive properties.

Drop down and Split Buttons

The WinForms UI Button Component provides the drop down buttons and the split buttons, which are menu like interface model within a button. Building on the button group styles and markup, we can easily create the drop down buttons and the split buttons. With the button control, it is easy to create more simplistic UI where extensive menus or comboboxes are not necessary. When creating these buttons, developers can use the themes and interface customizations.

Check Box for WinForms Applications

The Check Box of Windows Forms UI Button Component is design to replace the Windows Forms Check Box control. This Check Box control for Windows Forms is able to add robust data binding, 3-state management, including checked, unchecked, and undetermined, and more extended UI design options like image, multi-line text, animations, shapes, and more. When creating the Check Box, a few themes are included for the check box design.

Radio Button for WinForms UI Design

Developers could use this Radio Button Control for WinForms UI Design to add robust data binding, 3-state management, including checked, unchecked, and undetermined, and more extended UI design options like image scaling, multi-line text, themes, custom radio shapes, and more. This Radio Button Control for WinForms UI could replace the Windows Forms Standard Radio Button control and bring more user interface styles.

Toggle Button Control for WinForms

The Toggle Button for WinForms has similar functionality of the check box. However, the Toggle button control provides more flexible stylish design than the check box button. This Toggle button control add state management similar to that of the Check Box with the addition of a special toggle state changing event which provides extra control over its state.

Repeat Button for WinForms

The Repeat Button provides press and hold functionality for Windows Forms applications user interface. It is built directly into the button click event and offers .NET Form developers an interactive UI design.

Elements Granular Customization

This WinForms control provides the ability to alter any property of any control at design time or run time. The customization can be applied at a very fine level of detail. Changes in response to events can be animated, so that a property moves smoothly through a range of values in response to a mouse movement or other event. Property values like colors or fonts can be inherited from parent elements to child elements, or override them at the child element level.

Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The Windows Forms Buttons controls offer rich design-time support functionality which makes the customizations and configurations of creating button very easy. With the Button Control for Windows Forms, you can manage shortcuts and images, apply themes in design time and easily switch between them. The Windows Forms Buttons controls are also compatible with Visual Style Builder, Element Hierarchy Editor, and Shape Editor and can fully control the User Interface design in Windows Forms development.

Button Appearance for WinForms

The Windows Forms button controls contain rich themes for .NET WinForms developers to create slick user interfaces that have the same appearance of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. It is easy to switch the themes by changing a single property. The Button Controls for WinForms UI Design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. With this feature, developers need not to redo the theme from scratch and could apply the updated color scheme to all WinForms controls. Developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder. The Buttons Controls for WinForms application also provides a few tags to format text style of button labels.