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Data Binding Check Box - C# WinForms UI Design

The Check Box of Windows Forms UI Button Component is design to replace the Windows Forms Check Box control. This Check Box control for Windows Forms is able to add robust data binding, 3-state management, including checked, unchecked, and undetermined, and more extended UI design options like image, multi-line text, animations, shapes, and more. When creating the Check Box, a few themes are included for the check box design.
The Check Box of Windows Forms UI Button Component supports all DataBinding features from a Windows Forms control.

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How to bind data to Check Box at design time

  1. To add Data Bindings at Design Time, expand the property of Data Bindings, and then choose the ellipsis button in Advanced, the Formatting and Advanced Binding dialog will be launched.
  2. Scroll down the property list and click the IsChecked property.
  3. From the Binding drop-down menu, select the data source, and then the property that you wish to bind.
  4. Click OK. Now the IsChecked property of the WinForms UI CheckBox is bound to the data source.

How to add Data Binding to your control programmatically

WinForms Developers can also add Data Bindings to the control programmatically. The below C# code give us a demo on binding the IsChecked property to a column in a DataTable.

this.checkBox1.IsThreeState = false;
DataTable t = new DataTable();
t.Columns.Add("A", typeof(bool));
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