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Windows Forms List View Control
Represent and edit list data with customization capabilities
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List View Control for WinForms Overview

The Kettic List View control for Windows Forms is designed for .NET developers to represent and edit list data in their Windows Forms applications. It offers many advanced data features like grouping, sorting and filtering and large flexibility to be customized by developers as their specific needs. The List View component is built based on the same data layer that used by Kettic Grid View Control and the Kettic List Control. The data layer offers high performance when we use the List View component with data sources and bind the List View control to data.

Customizable Capabilities of List View Control

The List View control for Windows Forms provides large flexibilities for developers to customize the control as their needs. It is easy to bind and customize the List View control to represent and edit list data in their Windows Forms applications. For example, the List View control offers three types of views, SimpleListView, IconView or DetailView, for users to visualize the data as necessary.

Rich and Flexible API Available

The Windows Forms List View control offers a rich and flexible API for UI designer to easily customize the data layout or the behavior for the List View component in their Windows Forms application. The List View API shares the same features of other Kettic UI Controls. Users of the List View control can replace or style the items as their preferences by using the creating and formatting events of items. There are more APIs available like check boxes, tracking, multiple selection, resizing, reordering columns, and other sizing modes.

Design Time Support

The List View Controls for Windows Forms provide design-time support functionality to developers. This feature allows developers easily choose a data source or populate it with unbound items, groups and columns when design the user interface for their Windows Form applications.

Scrolling and Filtering

The List View Controls provide the support of scrolling mechanism that will make it easy to use the control for Windows Forms project being deployed on other applications. It is really easy to perform the filtering operations on the fly when you exposed event for filtering, and sorting
The below list shows the features that the List View Control for Windows Forms capable