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ListView WinForms Control
Create functional user interfaces, display data, group, filter, sort, and customize data items
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ListView Control Features Overview

Kettic ListView control adopts the powerful data layer that used by Kettic GridView Control and Kettic ListControl, so it is capable of sorting, filtering as well as grouping. To create these features for ListView control, we need add the needed Descriptors, FilterDescriptor, SortDescriptor or GroupDescriptor, to the Descriptors collection of Kettic ListView respectively. After creating the Descriptor, we need to assign the PropertyName to the first argument, find a column in the Columns collection of Kettic ListView, and then perform the operations like, sorting, filtering or grouping. If the PropertyName is null, these operations will execute according to the Value property of the ListView items.

Items Selection for ListView Support

Kettic ListView .NET component allows the users to perform both a single item and multiple items selection operation in ListView. To set the selection operations for ListView control in C#.NET, we need to use the MultiSelect property of the ListView component. When we selected the ListView items, we can access the selected item through the SelectedItem property in the single selecting mode or in the multiple selecting mode from the SelectedItems collection of the Kettic ListView control in C# template projects.

Size ListView Items in C# Support

Kettic ListView provides the support of sizing items in ListView. The sizing operation is accomplished by using the DetailsView property to change the Height of the Item and using the Width property of the columns to change the width.

C# ListView Items Filtering Support

Kettic ListView WinForms Control is capable of filtering in ListView control for C# Windows Forms applications. And the filtering functionality can be performed in all views in ListView control. To enable the filtering functionality for ListView component, we need to use the EnableFiltering property of the Kettic ListView control.

C# ListView Items Grouping Support

Kettic ListView .NET component allows the users to create automatic grouping and custom grouping according to a certain property. To create automatic grouping for ListView in C#.NET, the users need to first enable the properties, EnableGrouping and DisplayGroups and then add the desired GroupDescriptors to the GroupDescriptors collection of the ListView component.

C# ListView Items Sorting Support

Kettic ListView WinForms Component is capable of sorting items in C# code for ListView and by a header click. To perform the sorting items in C#, we need to add the appropriate SortDescriptor to the SortDescriptors collection of Kettic ListView control. To sort items by header click, we need to enable this functionality in clicking a column header in DetailsView.
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