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Spell Checker Control for Windows Forms
Perform multilingual spell checking for rich or standard text editors in Windows Forms applications
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WinForms Spell Checker Control Overview

The Kettic Spell Checker component is designed to perform the spell checking for rich or standard text editors in Windows Forms applications. It is able to check the spelling in any other controls like Data Grid control, rich text editor control, and list view controls. It is compatible with multiple languages spell checking with the built-in dictionaries and also allows developers add any other dictionaries for a specific language spelling checking. The Spell Checker component is highly customizable and can be integrated with any other Kettic controls like text editor controls.

Broad Controls Integration and API

The Kettic Spell Checker component supports a variety of Kettic Windows Form UI controls. It is easy to integrate the Spell Checker control with Rich Text Editor control. In addition, there are powerful and flexible APIs available, whose methods are able to check the arbitrary string, content of text editor or all text editor controls in a particular container.

Built-in Dialogs and Check Mode

The Kettic Spell Checker component provides spell checking dialogs to indicate errors in dialogs and help end users to add unrecognized words to a dictionary. The check mode allows underlining words that not existing in the dictionary with wavy red lines. This mode will automatically check the spelling words on by one, or check the words when users typing any new words, as well as check all words at once in a separate window. The ignore checker allows user to ignore a misspelling in the text content.

Built-in Dictionaries and Custom Dictionary Support

The Kettic Spell Checker component provides a variety of built-in dictionaries which help users easily perform the spelling check. There are multiple languages dictionaries available for selection. Furthermore, it is able to perform the mixed languages spelling check and easily change the language and corresponding dictionary used during spell checking.