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Spell Checker Control for Windows Forms
Perform multilingual spell checking for rich or standard text editors in Windows Forms applications
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SpellChecking Modes of KetticSpellChecker in C#.NET

KetticSpellChecker provides two spelling check modes for the developers to define how this control checks the spelling in there Windows applications. This spelling check control is capable of checking spell both word by word and all words at once. And the KetticSpellChecker control contains the SpellCheckMode property for the users to change the spelling check mode. In addition, KetticSpellChecker can be used to check spelling in rich or standard text editors and work with other Kettic UI controls like DataGridView, RichTextBox, ListView and more. The two spelling check modes can be applied to multiple languages supported by the KetticSpellChecker control.

Word By Word Spelling Check Mode of KetticSpellChecker

The Word by Word mode spelling check will check the words one by one. When the KetticSpellChecker finds any mistakes of a word, it will provide the possible suggestions for the end users to replace the wrong word. However, KetticSpellChecker also allows the users to ignore the misspelling or add that word to a custom dictionary.
KetticSpellChecker WinForms contains the SpellCheckMode property for the designers to set the spelling check mode. The C# code snippet below demonstrates how to enable the word by word spelling check mode for your Windows application.

this.ketticSpellChecker1.SpellCheckMode = Kettic.WinForms.UI.SpellCheckMode.WordByWord;
The WordByWord spelling check mode is the default setting to the SpellCheckMode property. When your Windows application has a complex scenario, you can change the mode to AllAtOnce to the SpellCheckMode property for KetticSpellChecker control.

AllAtOnce Words Spell Check Mode of KetticSpellChecker

The AllAtOnce words spelling check mode is mainly used to handle a complex scenario. To enable this mode for KetticSpellCheck control, change the value of the SpellCheckMode property to AllAtOnce. The C# code snippet below shows how to enable this mode.

this.ketticSpellChecker1.SpellCheckMode = Kettic.WinForms.UI.SpellCheckMode.AllAtOnce;
This mode will load the complete content of the KetticSpellCheck control to check the spelling. After performing the spelling check, it will also underline the misspelling words with red wavy lines and provide the possible suggestions to replace the wrong words. The users of your application can ignore the misspelling or add that word to a custom dictionary. Moreover, the complete spelling check will be executed and then the content will be transferred to the original KetticSpellChecker control.
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