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Windows Forms Carousel Component
Create interactive navigation user interface for Windows Forms application
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WinForms Carousel Control Overview

The Carousel control is a Windows Forms component that is designed for developers to add interactive navigation user interface to their Windows Forms application. This navigation control will make the navigation UI design for WinForms really easy and will provide interactive and innovative navigation to users of your application. This Carousel control offers the support of navigating via a list of items, adding and removing items dynamically, generating item reflections automatically, binding data robust, and smooth animations and transitions.

Features of WinForms Carousel Control

Rotate other Items and Controls

The WinForms UI Carousel Control is built in the presentation framework that specifies the framework for all the user interface controls for Windows Forms. Therefore, the Carousel Control can use other items and controls that contains in the complete WinForms UI Controls package, like the Buttons Control, Check Box Control, as well as the GridView Control. Furthermore, .NET Forms developers can bind the Carousel Control to a data source and rotate a variety of items.

Virtualization Support for Large Data Binding

The Carousel allows developers bind the WinForms UI Carousel Control to any standard data source, thus support the navigation to large data bases. In order to help users easily operate the display of large amount of items, the WinForms UI Carousel Control provides the support of virtualization that gives excellent performance.

Create Item Reflection Automatically

The WinForms Carousel Control offers the automatic generation of item reflection, which saves the steps of adding reflections to the images for developers. The Windows Forms Carousel Control is able to generate mirror reflections for all items, including image, text, or element. The mirror-like reflection created by the Carousel Control will be updated automatically when the item has a hover effect and has been hovered.

Scaling Items with 3D Appearance

The presentation framework determines an advanced animation engine for all the Windows Forms UI design controls, including the Carousel control. With this feature, the WinForms Carousel control can automatically decrease the items that are not been used, enlarges the items that are in use current, and create the 3D interface. Developers and users are also able to customize the proportion of scaling to the items to meet specific requirements.

Smooth Animations Support

The presentation framework is the underlying architecture for the Windows Forms UI component. With the support of advanced animation by the presentation framework, all the controls in the Windows Forms UI component can animate any numeric property, including the WinForms Carousel control. The Carousel provides ultimate user experience with smooth item motion.

Move Items along Predefined and Custom Path

The Windows Forms Carousel control allows the items of the interface move along a predefined path, for example, an ellipse path or a Bezier curve. In addition, it also provides the features of customizing the item path that help developers add more special appearance to their WinForms application. Developers can easily create custom items path to meet specific needs and the custom trajectories could be either open or closed as demand.

Rotate Item View with a Single Click

The Carousel Control for Windows Forms support the view of an item by a single click. This feature allows users view any item through hitting on the item, even if it is not on focus. Double clicks on an item will start the event that is associated with this item. There are Preview button and Next button available for uses to rotate the item into view.

Adding and Removing Items at Run Time

The Windows Forms Carousel control support adding and removing items at run-time. Developers are able to add or remove items from the collection in Windows Forms Carousel design at run-time to meet specific needs. The adding and removing items provides large flexible operations for developers when designing the Carousel interface for a Windows Forms application.

Rich Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The Windows Forms Carousel control provides extensive design-time support functionality to developers. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the Carousel control when design the user interface for their Windows Forms application. For example, it is easy to create an inline item, drag and drop items from parent control or between controls, declare data source, and apply themes and change between them at design time.

RTL Languages and Localization Support

The Windows Forms UI Control Suite provides the support of localization and right to left languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu. The Carousel Control for WinForms is included in the controls that support the localization and right to left languages. You can find the Windows Forms user interface controls that support RTL languages and localization from the localization and right to left languages support.