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Carousel Control for C# Windows Forms
Bind Carousel control to Data source in your C# Windows Forms application
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Carousel Data Binding for WinForms C# Tutorial

The Carousel allows developers bind the WinForms UI Carousel Control to any standard data source, thus support the navigation to large data bases. In order to help users easily operate the display of large amount of items, the WinForms UI Carousel Control provides the support of virtualization that gives excellent performance.

How to Bind Data to Carousel Control in C# WinForms

The following are steps that show how to bind Carousel control to data source in Windows Forms project in C#.
  • Assign the WinForms Carousel Control DataSource property.
  • Use the NewCarouselItemCreating event to create a Item descendant instance in the event handler.
  • Use the ItemDataBound event to access both the data item and the Item instance.

Sample of Binding Data to Carousel

The below sample shows the process of creating a Products object in a generic list. Products have ID and Name properties. The NewCarouselItemCreating event handler will create the ButtonElement instances. The ItemDataBound event handler will create the button text.

public class Products
public Products (int id, string name)
_id = id;
_name = name;
private int _id;
public int ID
get { return _id; }
set { _id = value; }
private string _name;
public string Name
get { return _name; }
set { _name = value; }
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