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Forms and Dialogs Control for WinForms
Add rich skin to Windows Forms to display MS Office Windows Forms or Dialogs appearance
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Forms and Dialogs Control Overview

Kettic's UI Control Suite contains a Forms and Dialogs Control, which is an alternative skin user interface to the Microsoft Visual Studio Windows Forms toolbox. By using the Forms and Dialogs Control, developers can design forms in the same appearance of Microsoft Office 2007. Furthermore, this control can be used together with any other controls in the UI Control suite to create custom appearance for your Windows Forms applications.

Features of the Form for Windows Forms

Forms and Dialogs Control is an alternative skin tool to the standard Windows Form and provides rounded corners, MDI, and themes support. It is really easy to integrate the Forms control into any other UI Controls. Developers can easily customize the Forms control as specific requirements.

Shaped Form of the Control

The Forms and Dialogs control provided a shaped form feature that descends from the standard Widnow Forms. With this feature, developers can move, close, minimize and maximize the form with the title bar. The default value of the shaped form and the title bar is round rect shape and developers can either use a predefined shape or create a custom as necessary.

Ribbon Form of the Control

The Forms and Dialogs control includes a special ribbon form which will be used with the predefined ribbon bar and a status strip. Developer need not to configure the first layer user interface and to add minimize, maximize and close form buttons by using this form control. This ribbon form support transparency that can be enabled or disabled by setting a single property. It also supports the themes predefined or custom theme as your requirements.

Color Palette of the Control

There is a Color Palette included in the Forms and Dialog control. The Color Palette is a dialog and a lightweight UI control provided to users to choose colors according the RGB or HSL color spaces. By using the color dialog of the control, user can easily customize the control for its great flexibility and choose colors from web, system as well as professional colors. There are four ready-to-use color palettes available in the color dialog, Basic Color Palette, System Color Palette, Web Color Palette and Professional Color Palette. The transparency control allows users transparent any colors they chosen to be customized and the custom colors can be saved. There is also a color picker available for selecting a color from other sources and a color preview that is used to preview the present color in a dedicated preview area

Title Bar of the Control

The Title Bar control provides customizable maximize, minimize and close buttons. It is really easy to drag and drop the control to a standard form and customize the text, image, and layout by configure the properties. Developers can manually add a skin to the title bar or use a predefined one.

Status Strip of the Form Control

The Form Control provides status strip support to use an area to show a variety of status message in a form. This status strip control can use the themes provided combined with buttons and progress bar to show state and operation progress. The status strip control support two layouts, a table layout for placing items and a resizing layout which allows users resize each element dynamically.

Message Box of the Form Control

The Form and Dialog control provides a message box control that has all elements you will find in the standard Message Box in Windows Forms. Furthermore, this control provides functionalities including auto sizing, various button layouts, and copy to clipboard.