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Window Forms Status Strip Control
Create custom status strip in C# to Windows Forms applications
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WinForms Status Strip Controls

The Kettic Status Strip control is used to show a variety of status message in a status area in a form. This status strip control can use the themes provided combined with buttons and progress bar to show state and operation progress. The status strip control support two layouts, a table layout for placing items and a resizing layout which allows users resize each element dynamically.

Elements Used in Status Strip

The Kettic Status Strip control allows users put various elements on the status bar, such as, buttons, labels, panels, image buttons, repeat buttons, progress bars, and separators to show the status of your application. Furthermore, the Status Strip control allows users to layout the status bar in horizontal orientation or to wrap them. The Kettic Status Strip control entirely support the themes included in the UI Controls Suite or custom themes building as demand.
  • Label element,
  • button element,
  • repeat button element,
  • tool bar separator element,
  • progress bar element
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