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Window Forms Ribbon Form Control
Ribbon Form C# component easily design user interface to form
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Ribbon Form Control Overview

The Kettic Ribbon Form control offers predefined ribbon bar and a status strip so developer need not to configure the first layer user interface and add minimize, maximize and close form buttons by using this Ribbon form control. This ribbon form support transparency that can be enabled or disabled by setting a single property. It also supports the themes predefined or custom theme as your requirements. Kettic Ribbon Form control mimics the Microsoft Office 2007 UI form style and has the automatic ability to enable and configure the control itself to utilize the Office UI form style.

How to Use the Ribbon Control

It is really easy to integrate the ribbon form control into your Windows Forms project to customize the form. The tutorial below shows different ways of adding the Ribbon control to your Windows Forms C# project.
  1. The first way is to change the base C# class of the standard Windows Form to Ketti.WinForms.UI. RibbonForm
  2. Alternatively, we can drag the Kettic Ribbon Bar control from Visual Studio toolbox and drop it to the Form control.
  3. The third way is to add a new Ribbon Form item to your Windows Forms C# project through choosing the Add option from the context menu in the Solution Explorer.

How to Drag and Drop a Ribbon Bar Control on a Form

  1. Open your Windows Form project and add a Ribbon Bar control on a Form.
  2. When the Visual Studio Designer pops up the dialog, switch the behavior of the form to Ribbon Form Behavior
  3. The Kettic Form control will transform to Ribbon Form after switching to Ribbon Form Behavior, and will enable the Ribbon Form functionality.
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