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Themes for Form Control

The Forms Control is an alternative skin tool to the standard Windows Form and predefined themes and custom themes support. It is really easy to integrate the Forms control into any other UI Controls. Developers can easily customize the appearance of the Forms as specific requirements. The Kettic Form control provides large number of themes predefined to UI designers easily applying to their Form. This is achieved by configuring the ThemeName property.

How to Add Themes to Form

The following is the tutorial that shows how to apply the predefined themes to your Form in your .NET Windows Forms application. It is easy and quick to change the look and feel of the Form via configuring the ThemeName property. In the tutorial below, we are going to add the Office2007Blue theme to the Kettic Form in your Windows Forms project in the Microsoft VS designer.
  1. Open your existing Windows Forms project or create a new one in your Visual Studio
  2. Add the kettic Form item to your .NET project or we can modify the existing standard C# class of Windows Form to Kettic.WinForms.UI.Form
  3. Drag the Office2007BlueTheme control from the Toolbox in your Visual Studio design view and drop to the form you are designing.
  4. Open the ThemeName property of the form in your Properties Window in Visual Studio.
  5. Select the Office2007Blue theme from the theme name drop down to add to the Kettic Form
  6. There is no necessary for applying more theme controls to each form. The Kettic Form control will load the theme component added for all controls and forms.
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