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Form Control for Window Forms
Add rich skin to Windows Forms to display MS Office Windows Forms appearance

Forms Control Overview

The Kettic Form control for Widnows Forms is an alternative skin user interface to the Microsoft Visual Studio toolbox. By using the Forms Control, developers can design forms in the same appearance of Microsoft Office. Furthermore, this control can be used together with any other controls like the Title Bar component in the UI Control suite to create custom appearance for your Windows Forms applications. The Form Control also support the active and inactive visual states, switch between customized or plain Windows Form at runtime, and more.

Features of Form for Windows Forms

Forms Control is an alternative skin tool to the standard Windows Form and provides rounded corners, MDI, and themes support. It is really easy to integrate the Forms control into any other UI Controls. Developers can easily customize the Forms control as specific requirements.
  • All properties of the Forms control shares the features of the standard Windows Forms, so developers can easily customize the Forms control
  • The Forms full integration support allows users integrate the Form control to any other controls like the title bar, status trip, ribbon control and menu control to design better appearance.
  • The Forms control support Multiple Document Interface (MDI) scenarios, which allow users each menu bar or toolbar share any child windows.
  • When using the Forms control, the control can be active or inactive with the states of transition being animated
  • Localization and right to left support allows users to customize the Form control to a specific language to display message and text, even language read from right to left.
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