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Window Forms Message Box Control
Create custom message box in C# to Windows Forms applications
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Message Box Controls for Windows Forms

The Kettic Message Box is designed for .NET UI designers to display a message box to show text, buttons, and symbols that inform and instruct the user. Additionally, the message box displays system icon, status, and error information. When using the message box control to display text, buttons, and symbols, we just need to call the static method, MessageBox.Display, instead of creating a new instance of the message box C# class. We use the message box properties to control the title, message, buttons, and icons that will be displayed in the message box.

Properties of Message Box

  • ThemeName, this property is used to change the themes to Message Box. The Kettic Message Box control support both themes predefined in the UI Component and custom themes creating.
  • Display, this property is used to show the message box. The Display Method is able to return the value of dialog result and provides several overloads to meet more requirements. It is achieved by passing a acceptable parameter to the Display methods, including,
  • Parent, this value is used to add the message box component by the System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window.
  • Text, this value is used to determine the text that will be displayed in the Message Box in Windows Form application.
  • Caption, this value is used to determine the text that will be displayed in the title bar in the Message Box.
  • RTL, this is the right to left language support value, whose valid values contain RightToLeft.No, RightToLeft.Yes, and RightToLeft.Inherit
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