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Mnemonics support for C# Window Forms applications with the WinForms UI button component
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Mnemonics - C# WinForms UI Design

Mnemonics is extensively supported by the General Button control, Check Box control, Radio Button control, and Toggle Button controls.

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How to Use the Mnemonics

To specify the & character for a given button control, we should place the & character before the desired button symbol. And we can use the below C# code to add the r key for general button mnemonic:

this.button1.Text = "&button1";

Property Available

UseMnemonic, a boolean value, determines if the & character will be displayed as the symbol itself or designated a mnemonic that will be visualized as an underscore. The default value is true and mnemonics are used in default setting. In the example above, if we click the r key on the Button1, it will return the same result like click on the button.
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