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Buttons Control for WinForms UI Tutorial
Add Radio Button to C# Window Forms applications with the WinForms UI button control
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Radio Button - C# WinForms UI Design

This Radio Button Control is designed for developers to add robust data binding, 3-state management, including checked, unchecked, and undetermined, and more extended UI design options like image scaling, multi-line text, themes, custom radio shapes, and more. This Radio Button Control for WinForms UI could replace the Windows Forms Standard Radio Button control and bring more user interface styles.
The following tutorial demonstrates how to use Radio Button Control for WinForms UI design. More significant properties for Radio Button Control, like how radio buttons are grouped, multiple lines of text, how to assign images and layout for text, radio mark and image, are available on the Designing Radio Buttons.

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How to Create Radio Buttons in WinForms C# projects

The following tutorial demonstrates creating two groups of radio buttons that are independently from each other. Choices of box are reflected in a label as they are selected.
  1. Drag and drop two group boxes from the control to the form you are designing.
  2. Drag and drop three Radio Buttons to the first group box. Set the text properties of the buttons as necessary, here are small, standard and large.
  3. Drag and drop three Radio Buttons on the second group box. Set the text properties of the buttons to Coffee, Tea, and Milk.
  4. Drag and drop a label to the form. Set the name of the label as status.
  5. Select all six Radio Buttons with the mouse while pressing down the shift key.
  6. Click the events tab on the button properties window.
  7. Double click the Toggle State Changed event to create an event handler. Replace the code with the following C# code.

void radioButton1_ToggleStateChanged(object sender, StateChangedEventArgs args)
status.Text = (sender as radioButton).Text + "is selected";
Run the .NET Forms application. You will find that the selections of radio buttons in the panel are independent of the radio button selections on the form. Radio Button determines the radio groups by the control parent. All Radio Buttons share the same parent like the Group Box, Panel or a Form will be part of one group.
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