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Buttons Control for WinForms UI Tutorial
Add attractive buttons to C# Window Forms applications with the button component
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Regular Buttons - C# WinForms UI Design

The WinForm UI Button is an easy to use, simple button control designed for developers to add rotation, transparency, shapes, images, text, and backgrounds to the C# Windows Forms applications. Developers can replace the standard Windows Forms button with the C# Button UI control. It is easy to control the visual appearance and customize the User Interface for C# WinForms applications via themes included in the Button control. All the design work can be done by setting a few intuitive properties of the Button UI control in C# development.

How to Add the Button Control to C# WinForms Template Projects

  1. Download the .NET Windows Form UI Control Suite
  2. Install the Windows Forms User Interface Control to your developing machine. If you are not sure the installation, check the Installing WinForms UI Control Guide.
  3. Create a C# Windows Forms template project in your Visual Studio
  4. Add the button control to your C# Windows Forms project.

How to Create Button UI for C# WinForms Applications

  1. After adding the button control to Windows Forms C# Application, The WinForms button control will replace the standard WinForms Button.
  2. To add a button to a form, create a new instance of a button, and add the instance to the form Controls collection.
  3. Use the below C# code to add a Windows Forms button at runtime
Button newButton = new Button();
newButton.Text = "New Button";
newButton.Width = 120;
newButton.Height = 40;

How to Set the Antialiased text

The below C# code snippet is used to configure the TextRenderingHint property of the TextPrimitive:

How to Format Text Style for Button Label

Button Label Text Formatting Guide for C# WinForms UI Button Design

How to Create Customized Themes

Developers can use the Visual Style Builder to create a theme alternatively. In the Visual Style Builder, you can set the property to the TextPrimitive node.
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