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Windows Forms Rich Text Control
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Rich Text Box Control for WinForms Overview

The Kettic WinForms Rich Text Editor Control offers the ability of integrating advanced text editing into your applications and deliver the best and rich text editing options to your customers. The Rich Text Box control provides rich text formatting options, including bold, italic, underline, and text color etc., mail-merge and a variety of end-user options collection to edit the text content. It is able to arrange the formatted text in pages, paragraphs, and more.

Compatible with .NET 4.0 Framework

The Rich Text Editor Control is capable of utilizing the themes predefined within the Kettic UI controls so that developers can easily design attractive user interface for their application. It is also support custom themes which allow users build a new theme as their demand in the Visual Style builder. However, the custom theme support requires the .NET 4.0 being installed on your machine. Additionally, the WinForms Rich Text Box Control and WinForms Spell Checker Controls also need the .NET 4.0 Framework development environments.

Multiple File Formats Import and Export Support

The Rich Text Editor Control allows user to load, save, and convert most common text based file formats like .docx, .doc, .html, .rtf, .txt, and .xml. It is also able to convert the current documents into PDF files. With this feature, users of your application can easily edit the text file in various formats and converts the file from one format to another.

Rich Text Formatting Support

The Kettic Rich Text Control provides rich text formatting support. There are various options available for users to edit the text and apply rich formatting options to their text content. These text formatting options contains bold, italic, underline, text color and text background, bullet and numbered lists, paragraph alignment and indentation, show or hide formatting symbols, clear formatting, and more.

Rich Text Editing Features

Besides the above rich text formatting options, there are more text editing options available to edit the text, such as, insert option for inserting pictures and symbols into text content, Spell Checker Option for checking the spelling errors of different languages based on the built-in or custom dictionaries, multiple levels undo and redo support for review or reverse the past action, paged and flow layout for viewing an HTML page in a browser, and built-in multi-region selection for performing various operations.

Easy to Use Mail Merge

The Kettic WinForms Rich Text Control provides rich mail merge options to meet a variety of business requirements. With the mail merge support, users can create a lot of unique document formats. The WinForms Rich Text Control also support images, provides highly customizable capability, and processes multiple mail merge specific events.