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RichTextBox WinForms Control
Edit rich text content with text formatting options, mail-merge, table, and floating objects, etc.
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RichTextBox Layout Modes in C#.NET

KetticRichTextBox WinForms control provides different layout modes for the users to edit and customize the content of the document, for example, the Paged, Flow, and FlowNoWrap layout modes. The Paged layout mode is able to divide document content into pages. The Flow layout mode displays the entire content in a single page. And the FlowNoWrap layout mode will not wrap text in different paragraphs. The users of the component are able to select the layout mode among them.

Paged Layout Mode of KetticRichTextBox

The Paged layout mode of RichTextBox is able to separate the document content into various pages. This layout mode contains sizing properties for the users to customize the pages that are separated. In addition, the resizing to KetticRichTextBox will not modify the layout. The following are the properties for sizing pages of document contents.
  • PageLayoutSettings, this property is able to set the size and layout of each page in a document of KetticRichTextBox. The users can set the size value by the Width and Height properties.
  • PageMargin, this property is included in Section and is used to set the margins of a page in RichTextBox. When different sections are shown on a single page, the valid margin properties are the first section shown on a page.

Flow Layout Mode of KetticRichTextBox

The Flow layout mode of KetticRichTextBox displays the entire content of a document on a single page rather than different pages. Therefore, this RichTextBox component will not divide the content into pages. The Flow layout mode does not restrict the width of the document content, so that when the users resize the width of the KetticRichTextBox, the height of the control will be changed.

FlowNoWrap Layout Mode of KetticRichTextBox

The FlowNoWrap layout mode of KetticRichTextBox control will add scroll bar in horizontal direction when the text goes beyond the space available. This layout mode will not wrap the text in different paragraphs.
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