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WinForms Column ComboBox Control Overview

The Kettic WinForms ComboBox Control combines the Text Box control to edit and the Grid View in the drop down list to display data. By using these controls and the Multiple Column ComboBox control, users can easily search and select data from multiple column list. The Multiple Column ComboBox Control allows users easily rendering more than one string value. This user interface control offers powerful data binding support, which allows users bind the ComboBox Control to any data sources. The Multiple Column ComboBox can animate various styles for amazing user interface experience and support themes that the UI Controls suite included or create custom themes as necessary.

Data Binding Support by ComboBox Control

The Kettic WinForms ComboBox Control provides powerful DataBinding support. There is no limit for users to connect the ComboBox control to whatever type of data sources. Developers can use the standard WinForms data binding model and bind the multiple column combobox control to business objects, XML, nullable objects, web services, and properties of sub objects. All data operations, including sorting and filtering, can be carried out to manage your data. Furthermore, the Kettic WinForms ComboBox Control offers a few optimal data mode for developers to manage data effectively, such as, Bound mode for managing data automatically, Unbound and mixed modes for showing static, read-only data, and Virtual mode for managing huge data.

Filter and Sort Support by ComboBox Control

The Kettic Multiple Column ComboBox Control for Windows Forms offers the common data operations support, filter and sort. The end users of your application can easily and quickly search items as necessary. They can also sort the items by ascending and descending order.

Items Rotating Support by ComboBox Control

The Kettic Multiple Column ComboBox Control offers an item rotating feature support that can save users’ time to fast rotate among items via a list. Users only need double click on the text box in the Multiple Column ComboBox Control and the item from the list will be pop up.

Keyboard Support by ComboBox Control

The Kettic Multiple Column ComboBox Control integrates the keyboard support with it. When users focus to the control, they can navigate to any items through the arrow keys and could easily go over a specific item by using these keys.

Animations Support by ComboBox Control

To build great user experience for developers in their application, the ComboBox Control for Windows Forms supports a variety of expand animation styles. The animations and interactivity has become an integrated part of the UI control suite. With the animation support, developers can either choose the predefined animations or build a custom as needed.

Rich Appearance Support by ComboBox Control

The Multiple Column ComboBox Controls contain rich themes for .NET WinForms developers to create slick user interfaces that have the same appearance of Windows Vista, Office 2007, Outlook, and more. It is easy to switch the themes by changing a property. The Multiple Column ComboBox Controls for WinForms UI Design also provides a theme color blending to tweaking the color scheme of a theme. With this feature, developers need not to redo the theme from scratch and could apply the updated color scheme to all WinForms controls. Developers can also build a new theme for exact visual interface by using the Visual Style Builder.

Rich Design Time Support in Visual Studio

The Multiple Column ComboBox Controls provide rich design-time support functionality to developers. This feature allows developers easily customize and configure the ComboBox controls when design the user interface for their Windows Forms application. For example, it is easy to create an inline item, manage shortcuts and images, and apply themes and change between them at design time.

RTL Languages and Localization Support

The Multiple Column ComboBox Controls provide the support of localization and right to left languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu. The ComboBox Control for WinForms is included in the controls that support the localization and right to left languages.