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Filtering of Multi-Column ComboBox in C#.NET

Kettic Multi-Column ComboBox is a combobox component that combines the features and functionality of KetticComboBox control and KetticGridView control. This control integrates the Kettic GridView component into the drop-down of it. The drop-down element is an object of the KetticMultiColumnComboBoxElement and is capable of customizing the drop-down appearance, animation and changing the size of the combobox.

How to Filter Multi-Column ComboBox in C#.NET

Because the KetticGridView control hosted in the drop-down does not support filtering operation, the KetticMultiColumnComboBox contains the EnableFilter property to perform the filtering operation. The following steps demonstrate how to filter data in Multi-Column ComboBox in C#.NET projects.
  • We need to set the EnableFilter property to True to enable the filtering functionality
  • Specify the ShowMember to the field that will be filtered in multiple columns ComboBox.
  • Set the filtering expression to specify the data filtering rules the Multi-Column ComboBox control
  • Add the filtering expression to MasterTemplate in the C#.NET project
C# code for filtering data in Multi-Column ComboBox WinForms control

this.ketticMultiColumnComboBox1.EnableFilter = true;
this.ketticMultiColumnComboBox1.ShowMember = "StudentName";
FilterDescriptor filter = new FilterDescriptor();
filter.PropertyName = this.ketticMultiColumnComboBox1.ShowMember;
filter.Operator = FilterOperator.Contains;
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